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5 How to guard confidential tool man @ Penis Reporduktif male organ or penis is like 'life' for a man to live a normal and happy. Even so, not many who are concerned and are excited to ensure that 'penis' they are always healthy and safe and free from the threat of cancer. Men often negative minded and refuses concerned about problems or reproductive organs penis just as shame, fear when challenged and find value kelelakian crack problems.

Let alone when the problem is also known experienced friends, relatives or spouse, it will certainly make life a man a 'trauma; a very frightening. so for those who want to ensure that reproductive health and security tools you stay healthy and safe from the threat of cancer. 
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video 3gp seks melayu, You can test yourself at home with the right methods and techniques and methods proven effective through permeriksaan own testes or pst. how menyelamatkkan it? What is testes penis? 1. testes penis is a male reproductive organ that produces the hormone testosterone which gives a man the characteristics kelelakian 2. testes penis dialam kerandut located below the penis called Scrotum. 3. testes are oval shape and feel smooth and springy when touched by hand.

Who should perform pst? method of early cancer perngesanan testes or pst recommended to all men aged 20 years to 35 years How many times pst to do? Pst should be at least 6 months. monitoring as often as possible allows preparation or treatment made earlier when a man found mengalamai problems associated with organ reproduktifnya. How do I do? * Bathroom hot water to sktrotum or kerandut in soft conditions. situation this way facilitate inspection. *

Stand in front of a mirror and check the skin around sktrotum right with right hand rule * Index finger and middle finger while the right testis was placed under the thumb at the top of the testes * Feeling testes mengunkaan fingers are, pay attention to the changes in size and the presence of a lump that is not normal. * Make checks similar in testes and sktrotum on the left. Tagged: melayu boleh seks,video seks melayu,melayu seks,sek melayu,cerita seks melayu,download video seks melayu,free video seks melayu,video sek melayu,seks gadis melayu,adegan seks melayu,seks melayu blog,gambar seks melayu,video seks orang melayu.

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